London, United Kingdom, 7th September 2021: Today Nikon is thrilled to announce four big names within the photographic industry to become the newest Nikon Europe Ambassadors; welcoming Konsta Punkka, Morten Hilmer, Frøydis Geithus and Nigel Danson.

Konsta Punkka, despite his young age, is already a world-renowned wildlife, nature and adventure photographer from Finland. Specialising in capturing close-ups and portraits of wildlife have led Konsta to work all around the world, but most of his projects focus on photographing the arctic wildlife.

He said: “As always, storytelling through photography provokes emotions. For me it's an art form, a tool of freedom to create and capture moments that happen in nature, but not many people get to see it. I want to provoke those feelings in people and show them nature and animals in different light. I hope my photography inspires my followers to experience nature’s pure essence. The more people I can reach out to - the more people want to protect it.”

Nikon also welcomes award-winning Danish wildlife and nature photographer Morten Hilmer. His interest for photography started whilst he was situated in Greenland for over 2 years with the military. With his first Nikon D2X he became a professional nature photographer, specialising in arctic wildlife and Danish mammals. He’s worked for iLCP, WWF Arctic Expedition and produced documentaries and articles for broadcasting companies such as DR1.

When asked how he feels about being a Nikon Ambassador, he simply answered: “The Nikon Ambassadors do an amazing job in telling stories that put focus on important things in the world. The nature and wildlife Ambassadors are doing an important job in bringing awareness of taking better care of this planet. Being in this league is an honour to me.”

Both Morten and Konsta work together with organisations such as WWF, ICOS and BBC in order to talk about the environmental impacts on the wilderness and nature. With the help of their photographs they hope to inspire more people to take action.

Nikon is also proud to announce Frøydis Geithus. Frøydis is a well-known Norwegian wedding photographer, also recognised by her fine art portraits. With her long and frequent streak of features in several magazines and blogs around the world, Frøydis is in the midst of preparing for an art exhibition in Oslo, Norway. Her work is highly awarded, both nationally and abroad.

She said: “Nikon Ambassadors are all about telling stories from different angles and perspectives. I am very proud and honored to be a part of this community, where I can share my thoughts and photos about my life as a photographer and artist, and hopefully inspire some future photographers along the way.”

Nikon is pleased to finally welcome Nigel Danson. Nigel is an award-winning landscape photographer and videographer who loves everything to do with natural landscapes. Being dyslexic from an early age, he discovered that photography was the natural outlet for him to express himself. However, it wasn’t until a few years later after a heart-stopping experience in Yosemite National Park that Nigel decided to quit his corporate job as CEO of an international software company, to follow his life-long love of photography.

He said: “My philosophy is to seize the moment, and to use photography and videography to capture the essence of my experiences along this amazing journey. I share this journey on my popular YouTube channel and try to help others to improve along the way.”

Having previously worked with Nikon as part of the #Zcreators community, Nigel shares his thoughts on becoming an Ambassador: “Quite honestly I am blown away and so proud to be working with Nikon as an Ambassador. Nikon represents dependability for me and that is so important in the harsh environments I work in. The upcoming projects will be amazing to work on together.”

Madeleine Hallerdal, Senior Regional Manager for Nikon Nordics, said: “Each of these photographers bring a unique skill set, perspective and value to our community and are exactly what Nikon is striving towards. We are extremely proud and happy to invite them to our ever-growing Nikon family”.

Julian Harvie, Head of Marketing for Nikon Northern Europe, added: “We are honoured to have these titans of photography and videography join the Nikon family. Not only do they create work of astounding quality, they are all extraordinary storytellers, focused on bringing their perceptions and thought provoking subjects to life. They believe, as we do, that photography has a unique power to change how we understand our world.”

The Nikon Ambassador initiative was introduced in 2013 to celebrate class-leading photographers working in specific fields of photography, whilst inspiring people to pick up their camera and reach their creative potential. The Ambassadors work with Nikon on a range of activities, from seminars at key events to social media and PR campaigns.