What is eye detection autofocus?

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With the Nikon Z series’ sharp, reliable autofocus you can capture magical moments with ease

A great feature of all Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras is eye-detection autofocus (Eye AF). Whether you’re taking a portrait of a person or an animal, and whether it’s planned in advance or taken in the moment, sharp focus on the eye is an essential to a great shot.


With Eye AF there’s no more using single point autofocus and the need to keep moving it as your subject moves. Eye AF is a cool technology that locks on to the eye of any subject and stays locked, whether the subject is moving or not, even when the eye or face is partially or temporarily obstructed. You can also use Eye AF with more than one subject in the frame, toggling between them, so it’s perfect for occasions such as parties and weddings.


Eye AF is also a great tool when shooting video or vlogging, as it ensures that your eyes are always in focus when you’re moving around. And on sunny days, it even works with sunglasses!

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