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The Pursuit of Light in Challenging Times

We are living a moment in history none of us have ever experienced.
As a community of photographers, we have an ability to learn from each other, create and capture this moment.
During this challenging time we invite you to document this piece of history, share your experiences visually and grow as a community.

Every two weeks, we will share a theme plus hints & tricks from our experts based on a photography theme & challenge that you can try at home. Using #CreateYourLight on Nikon Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can learn from home, create your unique interpretation and share your story with us.
At the end of every theme, we’ll share some of our favourite creations on Nikon social media channels, as well as uploading them to the #CreateYourLight image gallery on our Nikon website, a lasting exhibition of your creativity in these unprecedented times.
What do you experience and see during this time?
Share your story with us?

Be Inspired To Improve Your Skills

Every two weeks we will share tips & tricks from our experts based on a photography theme to try at home. You have two weeks to use your new skills to capture an image based on the current theme. Share your creation with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #CreateYourLight.


Join photographer Nigel Danson as we learn the ins and outs of pet photography with his beloved Spaniel Pebbles. Nigel sets out to explore the recently launched Animal Eye Autofocus (AF) feature with his Z 7 and discovers the best tips and tricks for getting started with the often challenging art of pet photography.
Share your photos using #createyourlight and #petphotographyathome

Tips and tricks from our experts, based on a photography theme you can try at home